Saracens Recruitment has a working partnership with numerous prestigious international schools. We assist with the recruitment need of school all around the world, including schools in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

The majority of students at our international schools we are partnered with, are from expat communities. Therefore, we understand the importance for these schools to have measures in place to ensure that their pupils can re-integrate into the UK education system at any point.

Our international clients require teachers who have experience teaching the British Curriculum. Our consultants are requested to supply staff ranging from newly qualified to head teachers for these international schools.

We understand that each school is different and has its own unique cultural context. Where the school is located, its specific history, role in the region and teacher demographics all play a role in determining the current and future requirements of the school Therefore we work closely with our international schools to ensure that they are only supplied with exactly the right person for the teaching role they need to fill.

For further information about current international opportunities, please contact Saracens Recruitment on One of our consultants will then be in touch.

About Us

Saracens Recruitment is a newly founded staffing agency, dedicated to providing high quality, low cost recruitment services for the education and healthcare industries. With over two decades of experience, we provide in depth industry insights and personal service to all our clients and applicants. It is our goal to finding a job, easy and stress free for teachers, nurses, carers and assistants and to make recruitment simple and effective for schools, colleges, nursing homes and clinics. We aim to bring excellent staff and leading teaching and medical organisations together.


We find our clients the right candidates for the role, at a price which suits them best. Our safety standards are above protocol, and we run through professional and personal background checks on all our candidates. All our candidates also undergo a face to face interview, before we recommend them to any of our clients. We guarantee that all our international candidates are fully legal and safe to work in schools and hospitals, by checking their local police records and ensuring that their visas are up to date.


If you are a education or healthcare professional, you can trust our team to find you your next great job. Whether you are looking for a teaching, nursing or caring position, we go the extra mile to find you a role which meets your requirements, quickly and without unnecessary fuss. Contact us at any time, even outside office hours, to apply, or to ask questions about our application and registration processes. We provide your own personal consultant who will act as your dedicated recruitment guide.


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