The qualities of an outstanding teacher are manifold. It's a well-known and well-stated fact that teachers have their own individual teaching style. Teachers serve several roles and each requires certain qualities. But some of the most important and common qualities includes passion, leadership, classroom management, and content knowledge. Essentially teachers accommodate the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students.

Usually teaching jobs in Berkshire look for two types of teachers. One who displays the uppermost level of eccentricity with lessons filled with highly memorable and entertaining activities. And secondly, the teachers who are highly focused and determined individuals who can make their subject appeal to the masses in a subtle way.
Despite the various methods and styles, all teachers need to possess the below mentioned skills to become an outstanding teacher in their lifetime who are remembered by their students in each step and walk of life:

• OUTSTANDING SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE – This is the fundamental aspect to be an outstanding teacher. A teacher must know their subject inside out in order to deliver the highest quality of information to students. However, this isn’t just about having excellent knowledge of the subject it is about having pedagogical subject knowledge that recognizes how to engage students with the subject. Teachers should also be well aware of the curriculum or the exam specification so as to enable themselves to go off topic to progressively deliver additional but relevant information.

• BE VERSATILE AND SENSITIVE – Gone are the days when the world used to twirl to beat of just one drum. What might be right for you may not be right for some other person? Students learn in so many various ways; some prefer to be taught in a very traditional 'copy on from the board' manner while others prefer audible and visual aids. Hence, the teachers have to live outside of their own needs and remain sensitive to the needs of individual students. By doing this, teachers are able to make their subject understandable for all types of learners, thus ensuring a high level of student development.

• HOLD HIGH EXPECTATIONS – Most teachers have great expectations from their pupils, and they don't accept anything less. For this, the teachers need to be able to guarantee that all students improve themselves constantly. When teachers believe each and every student can soar beyond any imagined limits, they encourage students to dig deep within. Students then sense that confidence and work hard to produce something that not only meets their teacher's expectations but also exceeds them!

• BE CURIOUS, CONFIDENT & EVOLVING – In our school time, we all have that one teacher who was stagnant, cynical and had low-energy. They were the ones who watched the clock even more intently than their students. That's not what is expected from you. Instead, always keep on learning new ideas from senior teachers, and share with them all new ways they can try doing things on campus. No doubt, they have strong core principles, but somehow still evolve with changing times.

For those of you looking for teaching jobs in Berkshire, inculcate these qualities in your professional lives. You might be wondering how to include these skills in your teaching style? Choose one of these qualities to focus on each school year and expand your repertoire slowly but surely. Even the most successful teachers have to start somewhere!
Are you looking for a primary teaching job in London? Then you're at the right place. Saracens Recruitment understands that most of the fresher candidates rely on consultants, like us, to help them find a job of their choice where they can get ample chance of learning as well as utilizing their skills for the best outcome. But before you step into the teaching career as full time or part time, check out the collection of tips that will help you keep your students interested and getting the most out of your classes.

  • ALWAYS BE ENTHUSIASTIC – Students will not show you interest if you fail to show any interest or enthusiasm. Though it's very much apt that you can't be perfect every day, but as a teacher you have to maintain your enthusiasm level, so as to develop interest among students in the subject you are teaching.

  • BE DRAMATIC – If you want too make sure that the pupils in your class have understood the topic well or not, you can get them to act it out. Divide the total number of students into equal groups of each. Thereafter either ask them to enact out in the form of a skit or ask them to share their views on the moral of the story. Even the formulas of maths can be enacted in a creative way.

  • GET THEM MOVING – Try turning the classroom into a scavenger hunt by hiding learning aides or quiz answers in logical places around the classroom. Make students get out of their seats and move around so as to make them wake up a bit and be ready to give the answers to the questions you ask in the middle of the lesson.

  • PUT THOSE PEN DOWN – Instead of asking the students to jot down each point on the papers, print the answers out yourself before the class; cut them into strips and get your students to glue them onto a board in the correct order. For younger students, you can make it more fun by turning it into a decoration. It works well for all kinds of topics: numbers, language, maths puzzles, and historical events.

  • RELATE TO THE OUTSIDE WORLD – When you're teaching about a particular subject, try to relate it to the outside world. Even for the youngest students, it will help them to understand and remember it. In secondary school classes, show them how they would use that knowledge after school to make it more relative.
HAVE AN OPEN MIND – Teachers should value creativity, so always appreciate students who think outside the box. Being a teacher, you should be ever ready to answer their questions. You should be always ready no matter how silly the question seems to be. Take it in a positive way that they are taking interest in the subject and can think out of the box.The primary teaching jobs in London offer attractive benefits to teachers, including the chance to learn and establish a career by trying out in international schools at a later stage. So, try to get in touch with Saracens Recruitment and follow the path of a brighter future.
Language teachers are well aware of the fact that how much challenging and rewarding it can be to learn another language. However, for students, parents and other subject teachers, the benefits will not always be as same and as obvious. Some education recruitment agencies in London have found that schools also look for passionate teachers who know more languages as such teachers can inspire children to do great things.

Below are mentioned five of the most compelling reasons to encourage students to actively engage in learning another language.

Reasons Why Learning Another Language Is Always Beneficial
  • MAKES YOU SMARTER – There are an array of benefits of learning a foreign language. One such benefit is that it improves brain functionality. Moreover, people who speak two or more languages have also been found to have more gray matter in their brain. Studying and learning one or more foreign language enhances the brain’s elasticity and its ability to code information. Also, the more languages you learn, the more effectively your brain works to process and absorb that information. So why stop at just one additional language?

  • IMPROVES YOUR FOCUS – By learning another language, you end up improving your memory. From the research study, it has been revealed that a bilingual brain is better at maintaining focus than the monolingual brain. Even the ability of multitasking becomes greater once you learn another language because the brain becomes accustomed to switching between languages and therefore tasks. Not only does it improves focus when reading, writing and speaking but also lets one engage in other activities.

  • ENCOURAGES CULTURAL ACCEPTANCE – UK schools are more culturally diverse than ever. As per the information released by education recruitment agencies in London, 28.5% of pupils in state-funded primary schools are classified as being from an ethnic minority origin, and 18% have a first language that is other than English. Thus teaching additional languages in schools can help to encourage understanding between students from different backgrounds, and give students the chance to develop an appreciation of other languages.

  • BUILDS CONFIDENCE – Once you have mastered the basics of a new language, it becomes easier to grasp new concepts within the particular language. For those who lack self-confidence, the process of learning, and eventually mastering new words and phrases can be incredibly fulfilling and an overwhelming experience. It also presents the perfect opportunity for communicating with other students and people in the community.

  • IMPROVES YOUR MEMORY – All those who find it difficult to remember key facts and dates in the classroom will likely see improvements in this area once they start learning a new language. This is because they’re exercising their brain, which works like a muscle and functions better when it’s used regularly. Indeed, people who speak more than one language experience delayed the onset of dementia compared to those who just speak one language. So the impact of learning another language at school can be felt by the students at a later stage.
If you’re a language teacher looking for your next placement, Saracens Recruitment – one of the most reputable education recruitment agencies in London, can provide you with what you’re looking for.
Those teachers are considered the best who are capable of maximizing the learning potential of each pupil in the class. They know the key to unlock student potential is by developing the positive and respectful relation with their students from the very first day they are enrolled in schools. Though this task is quite challenging and requires loads of time yet you can become a great teacher one day with this approach.

Teaching jobs in Berkshire and London demand developing solid relationships with your students, as it plays the vital role in fostering academic success.

Positive and supportive relationship not only helps students to develop socially and emotionally but also help you to manage the classroom effectively. Below are enlisted the ways that will help you create a positive pupil – teacher relationship from the first day of school.

  • PROVIDE STRUCTURE – Most kids respond positively on the basis of the structure in their classroom. It makes them feel safe and leads to increased learning. Teachers who lack structure not only lose the respect for their students but often lose valuable instructional time. Therefore, it is very much vital on part of the teachers to set the tone early by establishing clear expectations and practicing class procedures. A structured classroom has very fewer possibilities of downtime. Each day should be filled with engaging learning activities with little or no downtime.

  • TEACH WITH ENTHUSIASM AND PASSION – When the teacher seems to be positive and enthusiastic about what they are teaching, this automatically develops enthusiasm in students and they respond positively. Excitement is contagious! When a teacher introduces new content enthusiastically, students take an unimaginable interest. The will be as excited as their teacher, thus resulting in increased learning. If you are not excited, why should your students be excited?

  • HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE – Everyone undergoes terrible days, so do the teachers. Hence, it is very important on the part of the teachers to ensure that their personal issues do not interfere with their ability to teach. Positivity is transcending, so the teachers should enter the class with a positive outlook. If the teacher is positive, the students will generally be positive. No one likes to be around someone who is always negative. Students will in time have resentment for a teacher who is always negative.

  • INCORPORATE HUMOR INTO LESSONS – Both teaching and learning should never be boring. Therefore, teachers should incorporate humor into their daily teaching lessons. This may be sharing an appropriate joke related to the content you will be teaching that day. It may be getting into character and donning a silly costume for a lesson. It can be laughing at yourself when you make a silly mistake. Humor comes in several forms and students will respond to it. They will enjoy coming to your class for they love to learn while they laugh.
With positive relationship, it does not mean an easy one. The definition of quality relationship is your ability to get along but your commitment to figure out things and improve upon them which does not work. The teaching jobs in Berkshire and London require teachers to develop a well nourished positive relationship with students.
The Brexit effect has been tremendous on the teacher-student ratio in the United Kingdom. It has affected the already existing teacher shortage, and as a result, schools and its students are suffering. And on the other hand, education recruitment agencies in London and Berkshire, are working hard to make both the ends meet.

The Teaching Shortage in UK and How Recruitment Agencies Are Helping
Despite the Brexit effect, recruitment agencies are providing dedicated staffing solutions to the education sector by helping the schools recruit teachers who are passionate about education to fill the gap. They are also enabling teachers deal with the job and career pressure by providing teaching guidance and helping them find a role where they can make full utilization of their unique skills, talents and experience.

How Are Education Recruitment Agencies Helping School To Cope Up With The Same?

In order to maintain a steady flow of candidates, agencies recruit staff on an immediate basis. But where are these teachers coming from? There are those teachers who have been working abroad and just returned home, moms and dads returning from a child-care break in their careers as well as teachers who have perhaps had other commitments and not been able to work full-time. At Saracens Recruitment, we understand that most schools rely on supply teachers to make sure that all students receive the dedicated support they need to complete each stage of the curriculum. Hence, we provide them with well trained and experienced supply teachers on short notice.

Why Do Schools Use Agencies?

For the day to day running of many schools, education employment agencies play a vital role. When the usual teaching staff is absent, be it for training, illness or any other planned or unplanned absence, schools will always try to cover them internally first. Some use higher level teaching assistants, while other ask the supervisors or activity teachers to do the task. However, teacher shortage cannot always be filled by taking such measures. This is when using an agency becomes absolutely essential for many schools.

What Are Agencies Actually Doing To Meet The Never Ending Demand?

  1. The recruitment agencies are providing opportunities to overseas trained teachers who are working towards qualified teacher status or who have already attained their QTS.

  2. The agencies really put their heart and soul with regards to their commitment to providing dedicated, personal support for schools looking to find great teachers.

  3. Good teachers are hard to find. That is why they source the very best returning teachers, recent PGCE graduates and newly qualified teachers who are interested in permanent contracts and put these excellent candidates in contact with schools in the area of their choice.

  4. From head teachers to principals, they can provide schools with leadership candidates interested in practicing their leadership skills, as well as experienced professionals, who have worked in leadership roles before.
Education recruitment agency in London and Berkshire, like Saracens Recruitment, provides cost-effective staffing solutions for schools countrywide. While recruiting the new personnel, they keep in mind the unique needs of the schools. If you need a more permanent and sustainable solution to your staffing needs, contact Saracens Recruitment to help you find teaching staff quickly and affordably.
Do you feel nervous and butterflies dance in your stomach when someone asks you to deliver a public presentation?

It is said that teachers are born presenters, but ask a teacher to speak in front of the colleagues or address the gathering of students or parents, and the chances are, they will shy away from the occasion and refuse to speak in front of their peers. With the rise of the agency specializing in education staffing solutions in London, aspiring teachers are becoming increasingly confident at public speaking. Saracens Recruitment – a quality driven recruitment agency – suggests candidates, looking for education jobs in London and Berkshire, to gather for informal conferences where everyone is given a platform; free from critique or accountability.

a Teacher, Afraid of Public Speaking – Follow the Tips
The notion is that people – who lack confidence with public speaking – are more likely to speak in front of strangers than they would stand in front of their colleagues. Speaking publicly to over 200 students is part and parcel of a teacher's job. Public speaking is part of their day job. Sometimes they have to speak to over thousands of students, a room full of parents or on some occasions, over 500+ adults attending an education conference or an annual function being held in their school.

Public speaking is all about sharing the work you are doing. Delivering your story with pragmatism and integrity are a sure way to engage an audience and enable them to take your ideas away and implement them straight away in their personal life. Being a teacher you should always work with what is best for your students and gives credibility to your work.

  • FOCUS – While addressing the gathering, limit your talk to just one major idea. Slash back your content and give yourself a chance to share that idea properly. Make that one idea link back to everything you say and give context throughout.

  • REASON TO CARE – Give people a reason to care about what you have to say. Seek the audience’s permission by stirring their curiosity. Why so and so needs explaining? Why “ABC” knowledge is missing and needs to be plugged into your mind-gap?

  • BUILD WITH CONCEPTS – The addressing speech should be based on the idea which is very much similar to the concepts that your audience already understands. Use the power of language to weave together concepts that already exist in your listeners’ minds; use the language that can be understood by the audience easily and not what you understand.

  • MAKE IT WORTH IT – Make your idea worth sharing. Ask yourself, who will get benefit from this idea that you're sharing? Is it just you or your organization, then it’s probably not worth sharing, but if it will inspire someone to do something differently, then you have the core ingredient.

Something to think about for every teacher standing up in front of their students.

Saracens Recruitment – a quality driven recruitment agency specializing in education staffing solutions in London – helps a wide variety of candidates, from recent graduates to experienced professionals, to find a job in London and Berkshire that matches their specific range of skills and level of experience. We also provide independent advice to candidates to help them improve their speaking skills and increase chances of getting selected by schools and educational institutions.
Thousands of teachers are employed every year in the primary and secondary schools of UK to help bridge the gap of student-teacher ratio in the Britain. Most of them are employed either for covering teacher absences, commonly known as supply teaching, or for the positions lying vacant between a half-term and a year.

For teaching jobs in Berkshire & London, you are required to have a work visa and a UK-recognized teaching degree or postgraduate diploma from your home country. One also needs to have adaptability, working knowledge of the UK foreign teacher recruitment system, and most importantly, enthusiasm.

Teaching is one of the best career routes to go down with its many rewards. Here are reasons why you should pursue a career in teaching in London:
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF YOUNG STUDENTS – Imagine a moment when one of your students is struggling with something and you sat down with them to solve it without facing any more hiccups. The moment is not only special but also it's a eureka moment in the life of your student. The reward of teaching is unbelievable. So much so that teachers end up becoming a role model of their children.
  • TEACHING IN THE SCHOOLS OF BERKSHIRE & LONDON IS FUN – What most people think of is the stress when it comes to being a teacher, but being a teacher is genuinely fun! All the days are not the same; children can surprise and amaze you every single day and at any given point of time. Not to mention the joy when you explain what the lesson will be about and children get excited about it.
  • INNUMERABLE HOLIDAYS – What do you miss the most, if you ever think back to the time you were a student? Obviously, the summer vacations, winter vacations and festival holidays. Teaching jobs in Berkshire & London do have this great bonus of letting teachers also enjoy these long breaks. These holidays are a gift to the teachers for it is the time they can either relax, have a bit more time to prepare for the new academic year or catch up on a few bits.
  • YOU'LL BE A LIFELONG LEARNER – Teaching is one such job where you get to learn a lot, be it from students or senior teachers. It's a well known fact that knowledge never ends!! You’ll be able to learn a lot whilst on the job. Students can ask the most intriguing questions that can make you dig deeper and think! This makes you a more confident and well-rounded person in most subjects.

If you feel a passion for teaching or maybe you are just curious, get in touch with teaching recruitment agencies who will help you find the best and suitable teaching jobs in Berkshire & London as per your requirement, qualifications and career goals.
“No one likes change,” it's a term we hear all the time, however often change is necessary and you just have to take the plunge. This blog highlights the emotions and steps that come with the change to help you stay focused.

​​​​​​​Looking for a change!! Have you finally decided to undergo a change in your teaching career? The changes will be a big one, the school might not be as big as the school you are working in, the teaching level you are working either can go down or can go up, you are going to teach a single class or many classes? So many questions with so many thoughts. Big or small, change can really mess you up. This is a process that everyone goes through when he/she finally decides to change their job. If you don't seek help from teaching supply agency in London, you could end up either not making any decision at all or staying in the position you are currently in.

Now the question that pops up is: Why To seek help from a teaching supply agency? The answer is:

1) Teaching supply agencies specialize in providing staffing solutions for the education sector. Their dedicated team of consultants have years of experience in the teaching industry and use their expert knowledge to provide personal support to applicants and institutions.

2) They help candidates, be they are recent graduates to experienced professionals, find a job which match their specific range of skills and level of experience from the wide variety of teaching jobs available. From secondary school teachers to nursery teaching positions, they can help you find latest available roles in various schools across the country.

3) Saracens Recruitment being one of the most reliable teaching supply agency in London guarantees that they will find you the job that meets the excellent standards. All the candidates go through DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and Barred List as well as DFE, Department for Education for security reasons.

4) They go above and beyond to ensure that the aspiring candidate finds the best suitable job and makes this process as much hassle free as possible.

5) Most schools rely on supply teachers to make sure that all students receive the dedicated support they need to complete each stage of the curriculum. For this, schools rely on reliable teaching supply agencies in London to provide them with well trained and experienced supply teachers on short notice.

Keep these things in mind and get in touch with Saracens Recruitment, a leading teaching supply agency in London, to find the best teaching job for you.

English is often referred to as “the global language,” and as several agencies specializing in education staffing recruitment in London confirmed that teaching abroad is one of the best ways for native speakers to work abroad along with exploring an all-new culture.

Teaching English as a Second Language is always in high demand in many countries. But the question is that you are not a native English Speaker? Can you still teach English abroad? It's no wonder that when you think of working abroad, this is the first thing that comes to your mind. While it is one of the most common subjects taught by teachers abroad, it certainly isn't the only possibility.

There exists a number of schools whose main aim is to teach English as a second language to non-native English speakers and within them are the available number of teaching opportunities. however, the international education staffing recruitment in London are fast to point out that the subjects taught in schools around the world are as varied as they are here in London. Much like teachers here, the subjects that you teach will depend on the job for which you successfully apply. You may, along with your international teacher recruitment agency, apply to international teaching jobs based on your subject of interest, or you may be asked by your employer to teach a specific subject.

In the schools located in London, there are many schools that teach a full curriculum of subjects in English. The recruitment agencies have tied up with these schools. Although some of the pupils may not be native English speakers, they are still expected to learn all or most subjects, including mathematics, science, geography, and art, in English.


However, the requirements and certifications needed to teach in these schools vary, and they may or may not be the same as those required by the schools in your country of residence, but the education staffing recruitment in London can help you determine exactly what qualifications are required to apply. According to international teacher recruitment agencies, teachers at international schools are often subject to stricter requirements than teachers teaching English as a Second Language.


Since if you get selected, you'll be teaching and living in another country, you'll also have to meet the country's immigration requirements. Once again, international recruitment agencies will be happy to help you determine whether or not you meet these requirements.


If you've always wanted to teach abroad, but your interests lie in a subject other than English, there are several other possibilities available. Don't limit yourself; contact a reliable agency dealing in education staffing recruitment in London today!
“Everybody is a born genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Ever pondered what types of mental skills are required to be an ideal teacher?
Well, teaching is a vocation; a privilege and a responsibility. The ability to impart knowledge while inspiring curiosity is one to be revered.

Teaching Jobs in London

But, what are the mental skills required to teach or to be an ideal teacher? What attributes do successful teachers possess that made them so invaluable in the education system? Below given is a list of our most desired and admired teacher traits required for those looking for teaching jobs in London:

1) Tenacity – Being Very Determined

There are days in the life of teachers when making their students listen to them seems difficult or making the teenagers stop talking feels an impossibility. You will be tried and tested and pushed to your boundaries but hold on – there will come a moment of reprieve. How? If you stay determined there will come a day when the student might finally crack his/her maths paper or you may get a surprise drawing from an appreciative pupil.

2) Creativity – Make the Subject Interesting

Creativity is the first thing recruiters look for in the person who has applied for teaching jobs in London. This is because recruiters want to select the best candidates who can use new ways to engage students and promote productive behavior.

Creative teaching enables the teachers to find new ways of connecting with their students and discovering innovative methods that speak directly to their needs. People learn differently and what works for one student might not work for another. Incorporating creative techniques in your classroom gives you the autonomy to provide your students a rich and stimulating environment that supports their academic achievement.

3) Patience – The Capacity of Being Patient

One of the most powerful teaching tools required by everyone in the teaching domain is Patience. Teachers often have to work within the restricted time frame followed with immense pressure, but instead of succumbing to these circumstances, one should have patience to deal with such situations. The two of the most valued gifts, a teacher can give to his/her students – is their time and patience.

The list to become an ideal teacher is endless. Nonetheless, aforesaid traits are the much desired qualities that schools, colleges, institutes or universities look for in candidates who are interested in teaching jobs in London. One should make sure that they possess these qualities to become successful in teaching profession.

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