Language teachers are well aware of the fact that how much challenging and rewarding it can be to learn another language. However, for students, parents and other subject teachers, the benefits will not always be as same and as obvious. Some education recruitment agencies in London have found that schools also look for passionate teachers who know more languages as such teachers can inspire children to do great things.

Below are mentioned five of the most compelling reasons to encourage students to actively engage in learning another language.

Reasons Why Learning Another Language Is Always Beneficial
  • MAKES YOU SMARTER – There are an array of benefits of learning a foreign language. One such benefit is that it improves brain functionality. Moreover, people who speak two or more languages have also been found to have more gray matter in their brain. Studying and learning one or more foreign language enhances the brain’s elasticity and its ability to code information. Also, the more languages you learn, the more effectively your brain works to process and absorb that information. So why stop at just one additional language?

  • IMPROVES YOUR FOCUS – By learning another language, you end up improving your memory. From the research study, it has been revealed that a bilingual brain is better at maintaining focus than the monolingual brain. Even the ability of multitasking becomes greater once you learn another language because the brain becomes accustomed to switching between languages and therefore tasks. Not only does it improves focus when reading, writing and speaking but also lets one engage in other activities.

  • ENCOURAGES CULTURAL ACCEPTANCE – UK schools are more culturally diverse than ever. As per the information released by education recruitment agencies in London, 28.5% of pupils in state-funded primary schools are classified as being from an ethnic minority origin, and 18% have a first language that is other than English. Thus teaching additional languages in schools can help to encourage understanding between students from different backgrounds, and give students the chance to develop an appreciation of other languages.

  • BUILDS CONFIDENCE – Once you have mastered the basics of a new language, it becomes easier to grasp new concepts within the particular language. For those who lack self-confidence, the process of learning, and eventually mastering new words and phrases can be incredibly fulfilling and an overwhelming experience. It also presents the perfect opportunity for communicating with other students and people in the community.

  • IMPROVES YOUR MEMORY – All those who find it difficult to remember key facts and dates in the classroom will likely see improvements in this area once they start learning a new language. This is because they’re exercising their brain, which works like a muscle and functions better when it’s used regularly. Indeed, people who speak more than one language experience delayed the onset of dementia compared to those who just speak one language. So the impact of learning another language at school can be felt by the students at a later stage.
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