The qualities of an outstanding teacher are manifold. It's a well-known and well-stated fact that teachers have their own individual teaching style. Teachers serve several roles and each requires certain qualities. But some of the most important and common qualities includes passion, leadership, classroom management, and content knowledge. Essentially teachers accommodate the academic, social, and emotional needs of their students.

Usually teaching jobs in Berkshire look for two types of teachers. One who displays the uppermost level of eccentricity with lessons filled with highly memorable and entertaining activities. And secondly, the teachers who are highly focused and determined individuals who can make their subject appeal to the masses in a subtle way.
Despite the various methods and styles, all teachers need to possess the below mentioned skills to become an outstanding teacher in their lifetime who are remembered by their students in each step and walk of life:

• OUTSTANDING SUBJECT KNOWLEDGE – This is the fundamental aspect to be an outstanding teacher. A teacher must know their subject inside out in order to deliver the highest quality of information to students. However, this isn’t just about having excellent knowledge of the subject it is about having pedagogical subject knowledge that recognizes how to engage students with the subject. Teachers should also be well aware of the curriculum or the exam specification so as to enable themselves to go off topic to progressively deliver additional but relevant information.

• BE VERSATILE AND SENSITIVE – Gone are the days when the world used to twirl to beat of just one drum. What might be right for you may not be right for some other person? Students learn in so many various ways; some prefer to be taught in a very traditional 'copy on from the board' manner while others prefer audible and visual aids. Hence, the teachers have to live outside of their own needs and remain sensitive to the needs of individual students. By doing this, teachers are able to make their subject understandable for all types of learners, thus ensuring a high level of student development.

• HOLD HIGH EXPECTATIONS – Most teachers have great expectations from their pupils, and they don't accept anything less. For this, the teachers need to be able to guarantee that all students improve themselves constantly. When teachers believe each and every student can soar beyond any imagined limits, they encourage students to dig deep within. Students then sense that confidence and work hard to produce something that not only meets their teacher's expectations but also exceeds them!

• BE CURIOUS, CONFIDENT & EVOLVING – In our school time, we all have that one teacher who was stagnant, cynical and had low-energy. They were the ones who watched the clock even more intently than their students. That's not what is expected from you. Instead, always keep on learning new ideas from senior teachers, and share with them all new ways they can try doing things on campus. No doubt, they have strong core principles, but somehow still evolve with changing times.

For those of you looking for teaching jobs in Berkshire, inculcate these qualities in your professional lives. You might be wondering how to include these skills in your teaching style? Choose one of these qualities to focus on each school year and expand your repertoire slowly but surely. Even the most successful teachers have to start somewhere!

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