It is common knowledge that the UK public school system is experiencing a severe lack of human resources. Headteachers at many schools throughout the country have said for many years that they are struggling to find teachers to fill positions at their schools. This is also not simply the problem of a few schools or regions. Nearly 80% of schools in the UK say that they are having trouble finding staff.

So what is the problem?
Recent investigations have revealed that an alarming number of teachers are leaving public schools, to work at independent UK schools or institutions abroad. According to the National Audit Office, the number of teachers who decide to leave their public school positions has grown by 11% over the past three years, from 2011 to 2014. Studies have also shown that up to 75% of teachers leave teaching before retirement.

Why are teachers leaving?
The number one cited reason for teachers leaving the profession is overwhelming workload and unreasonable accountability expectations. New regulations by Ofsted, in the last few years, have required teachers to keep track of each child’s progress and make sure that their teaching practices are helping the student make improvements by completing Ofsted progress charts.

This has meant growing admin and paperwork for teachers, which forces them to work extremely long hours. Coupled with the unmanageable class sizes, low pay and pressure to ensure that students are succeeding in the eyes of Ofsted, most teachers are exhausted and feel that the quality of their teaching is constantly under scrutiny. It is no wonder then that many teachers are leaving the profession.

What can be done
We believe the solution to the teacher shortage is rather simple. Ofsted processes and regulations must be reviewed. Clearly the current model is creating stress which is preventing teachers from doing their best work. The DfE, Ofsted and public schools need to work together to come up with a solution which is more sustainable, while still ensuring that each student’s academic progress is guaranteed.

Reforming the Ofsted progress system is the most important way to put a stop to the teacher shortage and it needs to happen sooner rather than later. However, it is also important to increase incentives for new teachers entering the profession, such as higher starting salaries for new graduates comparable to the starting salaries for new workers in other professions.

Education staffing agencies such as Saracens Recruitment will play a vital role in helping to solve the teacher shortage in public schools, by recruiting new teaching candidates as well as educators just getting back into teaching after a sabbatical. We know that schools are desperately seeking staff, so contact us today for swift staffing solutions.

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