Thousands of teachers are employed every year in the primary and secondary schools of UK to help bridge the gap of student-teacher ratio in the Britain. Most of them are employed either for covering teacher absences, commonly known as supply teaching, or for the positions lying vacant between a half-term and a year.

For teaching jobs in Berkshire & London, you are required to have a work visa and a UK-recognized teaching degree or postgraduate diploma from your home country. One also needs to have adaptability, working knowledge of the UK foreign teacher recruitment system, and most importantly, enthusiasm.

Teaching is one of the best career routes to go down with its many rewards. Here are reasons why you should pursue a career in teaching in London:
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF YOUNG STUDENTS – Imagine a moment when one of your students is struggling with something and you sat down with them to solve it without facing any more hiccups. The moment is not only special but also it's a eureka moment in the life of your student. The reward of teaching is unbelievable. So much so that teachers end up becoming a role model of their children.
  • TEACHING IN THE SCHOOLS OF BERKSHIRE & LONDON IS FUN – What most people think of is the stress when it comes to being a teacher, but being a teacher is genuinely fun! All the days are not the same; children can surprise and amaze you every single day and at any given point of time. Not to mention the joy when you explain what the lesson will be about and children get excited about it.
  • INNUMERABLE HOLIDAYS – What do you miss the most, if you ever think back to the time you were a student? Obviously, the summer vacations, winter vacations and festival holidays. Teaching jobs in Berkshire & London do have this great bonus of letting teachers also enjoy these long breaks. These holidays are a gift to the teachers for it is the time they can either relax, have a bit more time to prepare for the new academic year or catch up on a few bits.
  • YOU'LL BE A LIFELONG LEARNER – Teaching is one such job where you get to learn a lot, be it from students or senior teachers. It's a well known fact that knowledge never ends!! You’ll be able to learn a lot whilst on the job. Students can ask the most intriguing questions that can make you dig deeper and think! This makes you a more confident and well-rounded person in most subjects.

If you feel a passion for teaching or maybe you are just curious, get in touch with teaching recruitment agencies who will help you find the best and suitable teaching jobs in Berkshire & London as per your requirement, qualifications and career goals.

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