Questions Frequently Asked by Teaching Candidates

What is QTS?
QTS, or Qualified Teacher Status, is given to a teacher who has completed a teaching certification and is approved by the Teaching Agency.

Why should I have QTS?
You can only be permanently employed at a state school and be paid accordingly if you have Qualified Teacher Status. Some of the other benefits of QTS are: access to CPD, or continuing professional development, programmes and contributions to your own pension fund.

How do I get QTS?
You can get QTS by completing a PGCE or Post Graduate Certificate in Education as well as a year’s practical training at a school of your choice.

What is the Teaching Agency?
The Teaching Agency for England and Wales, or TA, is a board which aims to uphold the professional standards of teaching for all educators in the UK. As such the TA is able to take disciplinary action against any teacher or organisation which does not conform to the rules of proper conduct. The TA also works to make any improvements to the UK education system. If you want to become a QTS, then you will need to register with the TA.

Can I get a primary school teacher position, if I initially trained as a secondary school teacher?
You can easily move from secondary to primary school positions, as long as your teaching certificate allows you to get QTS.

Can I get a secondary school teacher position, if I initially trained as a primary school teacher?
It is not so easy to get a secondary school position, if you have only trained as a primary teacher. You are usually only allowed to teach secondary school if your teaching qualification included completing a subject specialism, such as maths, english or science.

What documentation do I need to provide if I want to apply for a teaching role?

  • Valid Enhanced DBS
  • Latest Child Safeguarding Certification
  • Two References
  • Checked Qualifications
  • Checked Entitlement to Work Documentation
  • Proof of ID
  • Occupational Health Clearance

To apply with Saracens Recruitment, all new candidates must undergo a face to face interview with a consultant.

What is an Enhanced DBS?

A DBS is a background check carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service. Receiving an ‘enhanced disclosure’ from the DBS is essential for anyone working with children or vulnerable persons, such as teachers, nurses, counsellors and psychologists.

It can take 3-6 weeks for an Enhanced disclosure to be returned, after you have applied for the document.You will not able to work with children or vulnerable adults until you are DBS certified. Once you have your DBS, your employer can use the DBS update service to check the validity of your DBS, so you don’t need to go through the process, each and every time you seek employment. To apply for a DBS go to https://www.gov.uk/disclosure-barring-service-check.

As a supply teacher, what is expected of me?

  • Arrive in time to prepare for the lesson
  • Make time to get to know the school, staff and leaders
  • Take the register, if you are standing in for a form teacher
  • Help with supervision during break times
  • Finish the marking for your lesson
  • When you leave, the classroom should be neat, clean and tidy
  • Write a brief report of the day, detailing the work covered, what was achieved, important questions and potential problem areas, so that the next teacher can pick up where you left off.

Are supply teachers usually required to teach work already set out by previous teachers or the school?
Supply teachers will most often be provided with a lesson plan, which they should follow for their class or classes. However, this is not always the case. Mostly, if it has been anticipated that the supply teacher will be needed, the usual teacher will leave a lesson plan for the supply teacher to follow. If the supply teacher is called in for an unexpected reason, then there will probably be no lesson or teaching plan in place. This being said, it is usually easy to establish where in the curriculum the students find themselves, and to plan your lesson accordingly.

As a teacher trained in a country other than the UK, what will I need in order to teach in Britain?

If you have a teaching qualification from an institution in a country other than the UK, like any other UK trained teacher, you will need to apply for and receive the Qualified Teacher Status or QTS, before you can get a permanent teaching position at any school in England. If you plan to work permanently you must also be registered with the General Teaching Council. You don’t have to register if you are only planning to work temporarily in the UK for 4 months.

UK Equivalent Qualifications: You must have relevant teacher training and the certifications to prove it. Then you must find the UK equivalent for your qualifications to help you explain your training to recruiters and schools. You can find information about academic qualifcation equivalents on the NARIC, National Academic Recognition Information Centre, website: https://www.naric.org.uk

Work Permit: If order to teach in the UK, you will need a work permit. Visit the Border and Immigration Agency website for more information: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/uk-visas-and-immigration

The Overseas Trained Teacher Programme gives Overseas Trained Teachers (OTTs) the opportunity to gain QTS while they work in a school. Overseas Trained Teachers also have the option of presenting themselves for QTS assessment without further training.

As a teacher educated in a country other than Britain, am I able to undertake supply work?
It is encouraged for Overseas Trained Teachers or OTTs to work as supply teachers, in order to gain experience in the British curriculum, so that they can apply for Qualified Teacher Status later on. As long as you have a work permit or visa, you can work for 4 years in the UK in supply positions without first having to acquire the Qualified Teacher Status.

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